21 PH/s - Our biggest auction yet

Bitcoin's 15th birthday and our biggest auction yet.

Happy 15th birthday, Bitcoin!

Come celebrate January 3rd - aka Genesis Block Day - with Rigly and bid on our biggest auction yet.

The big auction

21 PH/s for 24 hours 

Bid on this hashrate from our US-based mining partners. Opening bid is 10% below spot hashprice (!) and bidding ends at 9:30pm Eastern Time

View the auction

Why buy spot hashrate?

Our new auctions offer immediate availability hashrate so you can start mining right away.

Some customers have asked Why should I buy hashrate when these auctions are often bid over the FPPS hashprice? – and we have answers in our latest blog post.

Happy January 3rd and thanks for reading all the way,

Team Rigly

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