3 Easy Steps to Earn KYC-Free Sats with Ocean Pool

As announced late November, a new mining pool spearheaded by Luke Dashjr has gone online. Ocean is a non-custodial, non-KYC, permissionless Bitcoin mining pool.

source: https://twitter.com/ocean_mining

Unlike traditional mining pools, Ocean pool:

  • Requires no login or signup
  • No personal details have to be given, only a BTC address
  • When blocks are found, the rewards are distributed to all participants and the mining pool does not custody the funds

Additionally, Ocean pool does not validate transactions that contain ordinal inscriptions.

Here are are 3 easy steps to receive KYC-free sats with Ocean pool:

Step 1: Make an account on Rigly

  • After entering your email, you will be prompted to enter a mining pool account
  • Select the button "already have an account"
  • Select mining pool "other" and enter mine.ocean.xyz:3334 for the mining pool address
  • For the username, simply enter in the BTC address you would like to receive the funds

Step 2: Select your instant mining amount

You can purchase up to 14 days of hashrate at 88TH/s.

You will only receive a reward if ocean pool discovers a block within the timeframe of your hashrate delivery. The longer you mine the more likely this is to occur.

Additionally, your mining reward must reach a certain threshold for it to be economical for Ocean Pool to send you the rewards, given today's fee market.

Step 3: Pay invoice

Once payment is complete, you will receive a hashrate delivery confirmation via email when your mining begins.

You can verify Ocean Pool is receiving your hashrate by finding your address on their mining dashboard.

Contribute to the decentralization of Bitcoin mining and receive KYC-free sats as a reward today!

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