Auctions This Week - Off-grid Mining

Bid on this hashrate from mining rigs powered by stranded natural gas-produced electricity.

Get excited and start mining now!

2,500 TH/s @ Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Bid on 3 auctions for spot hashrate from our US based mining farm partner.

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U.S. Treasury Isn’t Trying to Ban Crypto Mixers, Top Official Says
FinCEN’s 2023 proposal to require crypto companies to report transactions that involved mixing is about transparency, not banning mixers, said Brian Nelson, U.S. Treasury undersecretary.

Why Mine Bitcoin?

Mining earns anonymous bitcoin right from the protocol, which is great, but why should you do your part to secure the network? Bitcoin mining is centralized today. While mining farms are distributed around the world, the majority of hashrate goes to Foundry Pool and Antpool.

  • Do your want bitcoin to be dominated by large-scale corporate miners?
  • Do you want the majority of network hashrate to go to just 2 mining pools?

The answer is obvious.

We all have to mine to secure our network for bitcoin to get to the next level.

Do your part and start mining today

Happy Wednesday and thanks for reading all the way,

Team Rigly

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