Bidding Secrets Exposed: How to turn a Tiny Bid into a Big Payday

The Rigly team is going to let you in on some secrets to help you win some hashrate at a great price.

The Rigly team is going to let you in on some secrets to help you bid and win hashrate at a great price. Here are the steps to succeed:

Step 1 - Make a prediction of future hashrate in future epochs

Some helpful websites: provides data on previous epochs and predicts upcoming epoch difficulty adjustment provides amazing charts to view macro trends.

Step 2 - Use the Rigly calculator

Use our hashprice calculator and enter your new hashrate predictions to determine the expected hashprice for a given future epoch.

Step 3 - Place a bid on a Rigly auction

Use the slider in the bidding menu to determine what the maximum bid you should make given your prediction. If you win the bid, sats will start flowing your way from your mining pool account once your mining term begins.

There is one other secret: as our platform grows and user base is still low, auctions often close at a price far below the future market price.

While we bootstrap our auctions, we pay sellers a fixed % over the future hashprice. Thus early adopters of the Rigly platform benefit from dramatically decreased costs and can buy hashrate at low prices.

For example, we had a customer win an auction with a closing price of 403,000 sats but was delivered 587,860 sats of value [1]. That is a 32% discount!

Just as in Bitcoin adoption: early adopters are the ones who reap the greatest reward🤞

[1] Based on FPPS hashprice during mining term, earnings may vary based on pool payout format.

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