How to configure your hashrate

Once you win a Rigly auction, use these 3 simple steps to send your hashrate to your mining pool

How to configure your hashrate

3 simple steps to send your hashrate to your mining pool

Once you win an auction (congrats!) and send payment, you will receive an email with details to login to your stratum proxy.

What is a stratum proxy?

The stratum proxy takes hashrate from ASIC mining rigs and sends it to a mining pool address. You can configure your hashrate to send anywhere you like– without requiring someone to physically change settings on the rig.

Step 1– Login

Check your email for the login / password to

Login with the Stratum email / password you received

Step 2– Verify your email

Please note you may need to click on "Resend verification email"

Step 3– Enter your mining pool details

Click on Edit stratum

Then add your mining pool address and account name

  • Your account name will be in the form "accountName.WorkerName"
  • We suggest keeping "As defined" for worker name
  • Keep "x" as the password

Pro tip:

To make it easy to see your hashrate in your pool account, add ".Rigly" after your username

And that's it!

Don't see your hashrate? Have a question?

Please let us know at

Thanks for reading all the way,

 – Team Rigly

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