Mining Newsletter Nov 21

10 reasons bitcoin is going to make it, difficulty adjustment #379, a brief tour of mining news & the auction of the day

Mining Newsletter Nov 21

Remember, remember that this was November!

In times like these it's useful to step back: why are we here?

  • Bitcoin is an open, transparent, and rules-based monetary system
  • Scarcity: issuance cuts in half every four years
  • Independent, cross-border, digital hard money
  • We control our own money
  • Sending it directly to whoever we choose
  • Even if things around it get worse, Bitcoin stays true
  • Ticktock, every block
  • Simple and robust incentives
  • Straightforward, elegant, and secure

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Difficulty Adjustment #379

Sunday, Nov 20th, 2022

Block Height: 764,064  Difficulty: 36.95 T +0.51%

Hashrate: 264 EH/s Block Interval: 598 seconds

Difficulty Period: 13.97 days  Hashprice: 348 sats/TH/day

7-day SMA of network hashrate has slid slightly in the last week.

New ATH difficulty 36.95T, hash price close to lows but saved by tx fees from exchange exodus [Image source: Hashrate Index]

Mining News

  • Iris Energy shuts down 3.6 EH/s after defaulting on loans Datacenter Dynamics
  • FBI arrests founders of Hashflare cloud mining platform in Estonia AMBCrypto
  • New lows in bitcoin held by miners: increased miner sell pressure Coindesk
  • Bitmain-backed Bitfufu, founded by Jihan Wu, entangled as FTX creditor Forbes

Today’s Auction

Spain Mining

290 TH/s | 30 Days

Bidding ends: November 21 at 7:00 PM EST