Mining Newsletter Oct 11

Monday brought a whopping difficulty adjustment of over 13%, plus all the latest industry news and our new listing in Africa

Mining Newsletter Oct 11

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

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The largest mining difficulty adjustment in over a year occurred on Monday.

Difficulty Adjustment #376

UTC 10:58, Mon, Oct 10th, 2022

Block Height: 758,016

Difficulty: 35.61 T +13.55%

Hashrate: 255 EH/s

Block Interval: 529 seconds

Difficulty Period: 12.375 days

Hashprice: 356 sats/TH/day

When mining difficulty goes up, hashprice goes down [Image source: Hashrate Index]

Industry News

Large mining firm Argo Blockchain has raised $27M to address liquidity pressure - read more: CoinDesk

Blockfusion mining facility in Niagara Falls, NY ordered to shut down due to zoning ordinance - read more: SEC Filing

Court filings in the Celsius Network bankruptcy release 29,000 pages of customer account information - read more: Bitcoin Magazine

Community Bitcoin Mining

Gridless is bringing new electricity to rural Kenya through bitcoin mining.

In a series of posts on Twitter, they share how <100kw mini hydro generators can supply a village with reliable power and mine bitcoin with the excess electricity - read more: CoinDesk

Start Mining with Hashrate from Kenya

We like the Gridless project so much, we're listing it on Rigly.

Now bitcoiners can start mining with hashrate from this inspiring mining project. Limited quantity available!

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