Mining Newsletter Sep 28

The week brings a slight difficulty drop of 2.14%, more losses from large bitcoin miners. And we're trying out fixed-price mining plans

Mining Newsletter Sep 28

Hello and Happy Wednesday

Rigly provides an easy way to mine bitcoin at a fair price. Our mining newsletter shares information to help you understand mining better.

We’ll begin releasing our newsletter in lockstep with bitcoin’s difficulty adjustments, every 2016 blocks or ~2 weeks.

Difficulty Adjustment #375

UTC 02:56, Wed., Sept. 28th, 2022

Block Height: 756,000

Difficulty: 31.36 T -2.14%

Hashrate: 222.65 EH/s

Block Interval: 613 seconds

Difficulty Period: 14.48 days

Hashprice: 409 sats/TH/day

When mining difficulty goes down, hashprice goes up [Image source: Hashrate Index]

Industry News

Large mining firm Compute North has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy - CoinDesk and Hashrate Index

Miners including Bitdeer, Cipher, and Iris Energy are raising capital to grow in the current bear market

Renewable-based miner ACDC raised $8M in series A financing

Community Bitcoin Mining

The Bitcoin Lake project in Guatemala has started mining bitcoin with used cooking oil - read more: Bitcoin magazine

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More mining plans. More miners in our marketplace. And a surprise auction.

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