Planned Maintenance: April 6-15

Our marketplace will be offline next week.

Significant platform upgrade

Hello! Rigly is moving to a new stratum proxy server which will require significant changes to our platform.

We will be conducting scheduled maintenance starting Saturday, April 6th. Once current hashrate orders are complete, we will pause marketplace sales until April 15th.

The new proxy server will allow us to scale up our auctions. Details to come.

What we're reading

How many people actually buy bitcoin 100% non-KYC? \ stacker news ~bitcoin
Just curious. We have a lot of people who act like KYC is the devil, but I bet that’s not actually most of us. Maybe I’m wrong. [54 comments]
Bull Bitcoin to Require KYC for Canada Post Cash Deposits \ stacker news ~bitcoin
I got an email about this in the morning. I then went to check it on their site and saw the announcement. At first, I thought it was an April fools joke, but my friend who is still on Twitter said that Francis Pouliot confirmed the announcement on Twitter. Ever since they released the no KYC Canada Post cash deposits, Bull Bitcoin had been my place to stack sats. It was fast, smooth, and works like a charm. It’s a shame that it did not even make it to the 1 year anniversary. Fucking governments. Thanks again to Bull Bitcoin for providing an excellent service that helped many Canadians, including myself, to stack non-KYC sats for the past 11ish months. I guess it’s back to Bisq and Robosats, dealing with e-transfers... The following is the announcement on their site. Starting April 15 2024, Bull Bitcoin customers using the “In-person payments at Canada Post” account funding option to buy Bitcoin will have to perform identity verification before they can complete a transaction. When making the payment at Canada Post, the Canada Post clerk will ask to see a government-issued identity document and match it with the information in your Bull Bitcoin account to make sure it’s you. This decision is entirely out of our hands and was mandated to us as a condition to continue offering the account funding service at Canada Post. We understand that this adds a level of friction to the previously flawless user experience that Bull Bitcoin was offering. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Sun Mar 31 2024 [14 comments]
Nearly 60% of Planned US Power Generation is in Texas \ stacker news ~charts source [23 comments]

Happy Saturday!

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