Rigly New Year

As the new year approaches, we want to announce a change to auctions on our platform. Rigly is sunsetting forward epoch auctions and introducing a new auction format.

We at Team Rigly hope everyone has a Happy New Year. As 2024 approaches, we want to announce a change to auctions on our platform:

Rigly is sunsetting forward epoch auctions

As some customers have noticed, we have experienced issues with hashrate going offline that was originally available at auction time. As a result, Rigly will no longer sell auctions for hashrate delivery based on future difficulty epoch.

If you have an existing order for future hashrate, we will contact you next week for next steps, and we are closing the currently open forward auctions.

On the plus side, we are moving to a spot auction format for immediate hashrate delivery. No longer will you have to wait to start mining and earning bitcoin rewards!

Upcoming Features

We're working on a buyer interface to the escrow, so you can directly release funds once your hashrate is received.

New Year's Mining Auction

1 PH/s for New Years Day

1 day - 1,000 TH/s

Start the year off right with loads of hashrate delivered to your own mining pool account

View the auction

Start Mining for Just 500 sats

Start your mining adventure today.

88 TH/s for 3 hrs

Start mining now for a super low price of just 500 sats

Start Mining Now

Instant Mining

Skip the auctions and buy hashrate at a fair market price.

88 TH/s up to 3 days

Buy hashrate and start mining right now

Buy hashrate

Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading all the way,

Team Rigly

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