Rigly Newsletter for Epoch 400

The latest Rigly news and auctions as we enter epoch 400.

September 7, 2023

We are entering Epoch 400 with a newly increased difficulty of 54.15 T, a -2.65% change.

Conference update

We're back from Baltic Honeybadger! The conference was a massive success for HodlHodl and presentation halls were jam packed. We gave many attendees their first experience of mining bitcoin with hashrate via the Rigly marketplace.

Next stop: TABConf

Are you in Atlanta this week?

Please let us know and we'll connect you with a bitcoin mining test drive.

Platform updates

Release early, release often

We made improvements to auction payments and order detail views in response to your feedback. Soon, we will introduce a couple of new features to simplify your mining experience.

If you experience any bugs or have feedback on Rigly, email us

Today's Auction

80 TH/s in Epoch 401

Bid on this hashrate starting at the next difficulty adjustment

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Mining Metrics


  • 240 sats/TH/s/day
source: hashrateindex.com

Network Hashrate

  • Network Hashrate: ~402 EH/s
source: hashrateindex.com

Difficulty Adjustment

  • Epoch 398 / August 9 +0.12%
  • Epoch 399 / August 22 +6.17%
  • Epoch 400 / September 5 -2.65%
source: hashrateindex.com

Transaction Fees

source: hashrateindex.com
September 6th fees were 3.14% of the block reward with a hashprice of 240 sats/TH/s/day

In Other News

An Open Letter to President Biden Regarding Bitcoin Mining
Proof-of-work mining could be a key component of the administrations plans to expand renewables and upgrade America’s infrastructure.
Bitcoin Miners Draw From Iceland’s Surplus of Renewable Energy
Iceland has become a refuge for Bitcoin miners as energy costs soar and regulatory pressure on cryptocurrency operations mount in the US and other countries.

Happy Thursday!


Team Rigly