Rigly Newsletter for Epoch 405

We entered the new difficulty epoch on Sunday, November 12th, block height 816,480.

We entered the new difficulty epoch on Sunday, November 12th, block height 816,480.

Bitcoin network difficulty is now 64.68 trillion (+3.55%)


This week's auctions end on Sunday@ 18:00-20:00 US/Eastern time

100 TH/s by future difficulty epoch

Start mining after the next difficulty adjustment.

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More mining available in epochs 407, 408, and beyond

Rigly Updates

Bid Placement Improvement

We have added a new safety feature to prevent placing an accidental high bid

View the auctions

Now when you enter a bid, if the current bid is significantly higher than the current bid, you will be prompted to confirm.

Mining Outages

Our platform has experienced many offline miners this week. When this issue occurs, hashrate delivery is postponed until the miners turn back on.

If your mining is affected by these outages, you will receive extra hashrate to compensate for the downtime.

Network Data


  • 221 sats/TH/s/day
source: https://data.hashrateindex.com/

Network Hashrate

  • Network Hashrate: ~455 EH/s
source: https://data.hashrateindex.com/

Difficulty Adjustment

  • Epoch 402 / October 3 +0.35%
  • Epoch 403 / October 16 +6.47%
  • Epoch 404 / October 29 +2.35%
  • Epoch 405 / November 11 +3.55%
  • Epoch 406 prediction at 64.08T (-0.92%) (Source: btc.com)
Source: mempool.space

Transaction Fees

Transaction Fees: 13.67% of block reward

Nov 12th fees were 13.67% of the block reward with a hashprice of 221 sats/TH/s/day

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