Rigly Update: Auctions are back!

Hello! We're back with a new auction and more.

Get excited.

Auctions back up!

Our new hashrate proxy went online last Friday night. We ran it over the weekend and after a solid 2 days of testing, only a couple surprises happened with no impact on hashrate delivery - so we're excited to bring back auctions.

We're going to start back slowly with a 200 TH/s auction this week starting at just 21,000 sats.

More auctions soon to follow.

200 TH/s for 10 days

240 hours of mining from this USA based mining farm in Texas. Bidding ends Friday.

Place your bid

Vote for Rigly

Rigly is in the semi-finals for the btcprague startup contest!

Vote for us at Geyserfund and donate a few sats to a good cause!

Geyser Fund - Crowdfunding with Bitcoin
Geyser is a bitcoin crowdfunding platform that enables campaign creators to launch their projects with rewards and engage their communities with posts and content.

What we're reading

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In other words, this one entity holds the keys to at least 47 out of every 100 freshly mined bitcoins What is the reason pools and etfs and things don’t hold their own keys? They aren’t stupid people, they aren’t lazy or scared (reasons that might apply to individuals who don’t hold their own keys). Is it just convenience or a regulatory issue? [27 comments]

Happy Tuesday!

Thanks for reading all the way,

Team Rigly

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