Solo Mine with Stratum V2 on DEMAND Pool - starting bid just 21 sats

Be one of the first to mine over Stratum V2!

Every other pool on the network today runs old pool software from 2013: it's not end-to-end encrypted and pools have final say on which transactions get into blocks.

With SV2, you will help decentralize mining.

Bid on this week's auction and start mining solo on DEMAND Pool, the first pool to have implemented Stratum V2!

420 TH/s @ 21 day

Spot hashrate from US based mining farm. Solo mine with DEMAND Pool and be the first to use Stratum V2 to take a chance and win a whole block reward.

Auction ends in 3 days @ 12p Eastern Time.

Place your bid

What is Solo Mining?

While nearly every bitcoin miner chooses to mine shared rewards with a mining pool, some brave miners choose to go solo.

While technically savvy miners can solo mine with their own node, the happy path is to go with a solo mining "pool" - unlike traditional pools, your hashrate isn't shared with other miners, and the block reward (if you are lucky enough to find a block!) is all yours.

The odds of winning a solo block are long ... so why take the risk?

Because the potential win for solo mining today is...

3.125 BTC (~$225,000) plus TX fees (!)

How does it work?

Rigly is working with DEMAND Pool for this week's promo auction.


This is a new pool founded by our friends Alejandro De La Torre and Filippo Merli with cutting-edge support for Stratum V2.

You can solo mine with DEMAND by winning this week's auction, then enter your btc address on your pool configuration before your hashrate is turned up.

Odds of winning a block?

Solo mining odds are only for the brave.

Enter the numbers and learn more at

Happy Thursday and thanks for reading all the way,

Team Rigly

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