Auctions ending this week - Nov 8

Auctions ending this week and platform news.

Place your bid on hashrate for the next 6 months. These mining auctions close Thursday @ 18:00-20:00 US/Eastern time

100 TH/s by difficulty epoch

Get in now, current bids are 20%+ below market hashprice

View the auctions

Rigly Platform Updates

New and improved auction menu

We have now made it easier to view scheduled, active, and completed auctions.

View the auctions

With our updated auctions page, you can view completed auctions to inform your auction bid – sort auctions by epoch, hashprice, etc. for efficient analysis.

That said, in life and in bitcoin, past performance does not indicate future returns!

Instant mining

Skip the auctions and buy hashrate at the spot market price.

88 TH/s up to 14 days

Buy hashrate at the spot price and start mining right now

Buy hashrate

Happy Wednesday!

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