Auctions ending this weekend - Nov 4

Place your bid on 175 TH/s for the next 6 months.

Place your bid on hashrate for the next 6 months. These mining auctions close Saturday @ 18:00-20:00 US/Eastern time

175 TH/s by difficulty epoch

Get in now, current bids are 20%+ below market hashprice

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Rigly News

Our Whitepaper Day Block Party is complete - and unfortunately we did not find a block :(

The party mined with an average total hashrate of 2.75 PH/s on CKPool. We may do another block party in the future, so stay tuned.

Platform updates

We always err on the side of giving you *more* hashrate

If you're a long-time Rigly user, you have probably received extra hashrate on your mining agreement due to outages.

This is because our hashrate delivery system does not yet handle outages automatically – and so we perform manual steps to assign "make up" hashrate whenever there is a mining farm outage.

When outages happen, we make sure to give you extra hashrate 🙌 ⛏️

Over the next few weeks, we are coding improvements to our order system to automate delivery and ensure you always get the right amount of hashrate.

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88 TH/s up to 14 days

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Happy Saturday!

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