Auctions Ending Tomorrow - Oct 25

Place your bid on hashrate in the next 11 difficulty adjustments.

Place your bid on hashrate in the next 11 difficulty adjustments

These mining auctions close Thursday @ 19:30 US/Eastern time

150 TH/s by difficulty epoch

Get in now, current bids are 40%+ below market hashprice

View the auctions

Instant Mining

Skip the auctions and buy hashrate at the spot market price

88 TH/s up to 14 days

Buy hashrate at the spot price and start mining right now

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Platform Update: Hashprice Calculator

We have a new bid calculator!

How to use it:

  1. Enter your prediction of global network hashrate on the top slider bar
  2. Enter your prediction of future Tx fee percentage on the lower slider bar
  3. View the total calculated hashprice (in TH/s/day) to place an informed bid!

Our hashprice calculator is now live

Use it to calculate hashprice given a global network hashrate and Tx fee percentage. Calculate a hashprice and use it to place a bid.

Check it out!

Happy Wednesday!

Thanks for reading all the way,

Team Rigly

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