Whitepaper Day Block Party

Try to win a block with Team Rigly on 10/31

Whitepaper Day Block Party

Join our Block Party and try to win a block with Team Rigly

Hello Rigly!

As October winds down, Bitcoiners worldwide are preparing to commemorate Bitcoin Whitepaper Day on October 31st. What better way to celebrate than by joining our Block Party?

What is a Block Party?

A block party is a solo mining run with a team.

Old school bitcoiners have done team solo mining runs organized on Bitcointalk for a long time – one of the most popular is Willi's Blockparty:

The OG of team solo mining - source: bitcointalk.org

How does a block party work?

  • Many folks buy-in for a large amount of hashrate, which is then sent to a solo mining "pool" where the miner who finds the block earns the full block reward (6.25 bitcoin + fees!)
  • If a block is found, the organizer distributes the reward

Block party is not a traditional mining pool

When mining with a block party, the risk of not finding a block isn't distributed across all miners on the pool. There is a large chance of earning no reward.

How it works

Whitepaper Day Block Party

Buy your hashrate now and join the party

Join the party

Step 1 - Pick your size

  • Small: Dip your toes with 21 TH/s
  • Medium: Choose mid with 100 TH/s
  • Large: Embrace the thrill with a commanding 210 TH/s

Remember, the hashrate size you choose determines your potential payout from the block reward.

Step 2 - Don't trust, verify

Before the block party begins, you can check the escrow balance on-chain where funds are stored to purchase the Block Party's hashrate.

Step 3 - Block party begins

The same escrow address will become the username at CKPool, where you can monitor the progress of the block party.

Join the party

Join our block party and with a bit of luck win a block reward!

Thanks for reading all the way,

– Team Rigly

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