Ed's story and more auctions

A great bitcoin story and more.

We heard a great bitcoin story from auction winner Ed 66 this morning and added even more July 4th auctions starting at just 21,000 sats.

Ed's story

Rigly user Ed learned about bitcoin after the 2007-2008 financial crisis derailed plans to go back to school:

I was always was into computers .. I worked in tech support for several years and went back to school to become a teacher in 2007. I saved some money and was able to go full-time, but when the financial crisis happened my savings went down by 50%. I’ll spare the details but shit happens, life moves on.

[-] Years later, I read more about all the financial crisis stuff, what the banks did, and I learned about bitcoin and it put me down a path.

And on bitcoin mining:

The thing I was most interested in back then with bitcoin was the proof of work. How mining creates value: it’s an honest system.

[-] Bitcoin is a better system. July 4th feels like a good day to do my part for independent money. Thanks."

Hear hear!

Read more of Ed's story in the Auction Winner's statement.

If you're up for sharing your bitcoin story, see below, and if you're up for doing your part to secure the network, check out our hashrate auctions.

Auctions this July 4th

We added 5 new auctions so place your bid on hashrate starting at just 21,000 sats.

Midwest USA Mining

Spot hashrate from our US mining farm partner. Starting bid is just 21,000 sats.

Place your bid

What's your story?

If you're up for telling us how you found bitcoin then please reply to this email or contact us at hello@rigly.io and we will be in touch - and we'll shoot you some free hashrate, too.

Happy July 4th,

Team Rigly

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