Rigly Update for July 3rd

Buy hashrate and secure your network today.

Check out what we've been building, plus: new auctions this week and a chance to earn free hashrate.

Platform update

We migrated to our new hashrate delivery system on Tuesday and it is now serving live orders. What's in the new system?

Delivery graph

View your order's hashrate speed over time

Cumulative hashrate

You receive every hash you pay for with Rigly. Our new delivery system properly handles outages and speed variation over time.

Auctions this week

Just in time for July 4th, we have new mining up for bid in the USA. Place your bid on hashrate starting at just 21,000 sats.

Midwest USA Mining

Spot hashrate from our US mining farm partner available from 150 TH/s and up. Starting bid is just 21,000 sats.

Place your bid

Buy hashrate now

If you want to mine immediately, buy it now and send to your mining pool account.

Instant Mining - 90 TH/s

Spot hashrate from our US mining farm partners available for immediate mining.

Buy now

Earn free hashrate

Share your bitcoin story with us and earn free hashrate!

Rigly has gone through multiple iterations since we began in 2022. What started as our own adventure into mining has turned into a platform where bitcoiners can buy hashrate directly from mining farms.

And we're not done building and growing!

This summer we plan to launch new features, and so we want to learn more about your bitcoin mining journey.

If you're up for sharing your story and answering a few questions from our team then we will give you a day of free hashrate!

Please reply to this email or contact us at hello@rigly.io and we will be in touch.

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Team Rigly

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