Rigly Newsletter for Epoch 402

Rigly newsletter for difficulty epoch 402

We entered the new difficulty epoch today: October 3rd, block height 810,432.

Bitcoin network difficulty is now 57.32 trillion (+0.35%)


Today's auctions end in 3 hours @ 6:00 PM US/Eastern

100 TH/s

Start mining after the next difficulty adjustment.

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More mining available in epochs 403, 404, and beyond

Platform update

View auctions in the marketplace

Now you can sort by mining start date, bid, hashprice and time remaining

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If you experience any bugs or have feedback on the product, please reach out to us at hello@rigly.io

Price Updates


  • 225 sats/TH/s/day
Source: hashrateindex.com

Network Hashrate

  • Network Hashrate: ~416 EH/s
Source: hashrateindex.com

Difficulty Adjustment

  • Epoch 399 / August 22 +6.17%
  • Epoch 400 / September 5 -2.65%
  • Epoch 401 / September 19 +5.48%
  • Epoch 402 / October 3 +0.35%
  • Epoch 403 prediction at 57.97T (+1.13%) (Source: btc.com)
Source: mempool.space

Transaction Fees

Transaction Fees: 2% of block reward

Source: hashrateindex.com
Oct 3rd fees were 2.00% of the block reward with a hashprice of 225 sats/TH/s/day

Mining News

3 Takeaways from Mining Disrupt as Hashrate/Hashprice Hodl Steady in July
W 30 ’23 | 7.24-7.30.2023 | Issue XXXVIII | Block Height 800961
Core seeks to settle $80m claims at a 46% discount - TheMinerMag
Subject to the bankruptcy court’s approval, the settlements will total $38m in cash and notes payable to four infrastructure suppliers.
NYDIG, Galaxy Ramp Up Bitcoin Mining Revenues - TheMinerMag
A look into how the two bitcoin asset managers have swiftly increased mining infrastructure revenues through bear market consolidation.
Difficulty ATH 🚀 As Bitmain Balls⛹🏽Out with 200T/335T ASICs 🔥 & $CORZ Investment!
W38 ’23 | 09.18-09.24.2023 | Issue XLVI | Block Height 809200

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