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What's new at Rigly and upcoming auctions

What's new and current auctions up for bid at Rigly.

Rigly at HCPP Conference

Are you in Prague for Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis? Reach out and say hello for a special gift.

New Market View

Check out our new simplified hashrate auction listings on the front page:

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Current bids are >50% below spot hashprice!

Closing bid on Sunday @ 14:00 UTC:

190 TH/s

Bid on this hashrate by future difficulty epoch

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Closing bid on Tuesday@ 22:00 UTC:

100 TH/s

Bid on this hashrate starting after the next difficulty epoch

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Instant mining

Skip the auctions and buy hashrate at the spot market hashprice.

88 TH/s up to 14 days

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In other news

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One last thing

Check out this writeup by Cathedra Bitcoin's Drew Armstrong on the future of bitcoin mining.

Rapid hashrate adaptation in bitcoin mining's future

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