Rigly - This week in auctions

This week's auctions and what's coming soon..

Place your bid on bitcoin's future network difficulty. These mining auctions close this Wednesday @ 22:00 UTC.

110 TH/s by difficulty epoch

Bid on this hashrate starting after the next difficulty adjustment

View the auctions
  • Oct 3rd @ Epoch 402 bid at 98 sats per TH/s/day
  • Oct 17th @ Epoch 403 bid at 64 sats per TH/s/day
  • Oct 31st @ Epoch 404 bid at 60 sats per TH/s/day

All auctions currently bidding over 50% below current hashprice.

Auctions for mining in November also available.

Bidding ends this Wednesday @ 22:00 UTC.

Instant mining

Skip the auctions and buy hashrate at the spot market price.

88 TH/s up to 14 days

Buy hashrate at the spot price and start mining right now

Buy hashrate

Coming soon

  • Simplified auction view
  • Moar hashrate auctions coming this Thursday ⛏️

Happy Tuesday,

Team Rigly

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