Introducing auction deposits

Do you love winning auctions, but hate sending full payment before you start receiving hashrate? We fixed that.

Introducing auction deposits
Photo by Andre Taissin / Unsplash

Rigly has simplified the payment process for Forward Auctions and now only requires a 15% auction deposit with the balance due once your mining term begins.

This change simplifies the whole exchange and makes buying hashrate more accessible and affordable.

Q: I'm a buyer. How does this benefit me?

A: You pay less upfront for your mining.

It also means you can buy hashrate for multiple periods, so you can gain even more flexibility and control over your mining investments.

Q: I'm a seller. How does this benefit me?

A: The low-cost deposit attracts more buyers and results in a better bid price.

Q: Where are escrow deposits held?

We hold your deposit in a 2:3 multisig escrow– we call this Trustless Mining escrow– to ensure the delivery of your hashrate and provide a refund in case of default. See here for details.

Buying and selling hashrate with Forward Auctions is easier than ever.  So what are you waiting for? Place your bid now!

*Auctions with immediate hashrate delivery will continue to require full payment after the close. The 15% deposit feature only applies to Forward Auctions with future hashrate delivery. Auction deposit requirements may vary, see the auction listing for details.