Introducing a new way to bid

We're making a change to ensure fair bidding.

Introducing a new way to bid
Photo by Claudio Schwarz / Unsplash

We're making a change to ensure fair bidding

Rigly has grown to 1,000 users!

We're having one specific growing pain though..

Many winning bidders are inflating the price and not paying.

It's unfortunate and we're working on a really exciting bitcoin solution for this issue which will be ready Real Soon.

In the meantime we're going to try a simple quick-fix.

To bid on auctions, you need to buy a Rigly Pass

We're sorry that you have to pay to bid, and so each pass comes with 3 days of free hashrate plus:

  • Intro class on how mining works
  • Hands-on mining pool configuration
  • Personalized concierge support

All this for just $29!

Whether you are new to bitcoin mining or already a pro, your Rigly Pass is the best way to start mining right away and place your bid on our auctions.

Thanks & happy holidays,

- Team Rigly (Evan, Nico & Jonas)

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