Rigly Newsletter for Epoch 410

We entered the new difficulty epoch on Saturday, January 20th, block height 826,560.

Bitcoin network difficulty adjusted down -3.90% and is now 70.34 trillion.

Platform Development

This week we are working on improvements in the seller portal for our mining farm partners. We're also integrating our new Hashrate Delivery System where you can view new details on your mining.

Coming soon: View your hashrate delivery in sats per TH/s

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Network Data


  • 192 sats/TH/s/day
source: https://data.hashrateindex.com/

Network Hashrate

  • Network Hashrate: ~480 EH/s
source: https://data.hashrateindex.com/

Difficulty Adjustment

  • Epoch 407 / December 9 -0.96%
  • Epoch 408 / December 23 +6.98%
  • Epoch 409 / January 5 +1.65%
  • Epoch 410 / January 20 -3.90%
  • Epoch 411 prediction at 71.51T (+1.66%) (Source: btc.com)

Transaction Fees

Transaction Fees: 7.27% of block reward

source: https://data.hashrateindex.com/
Jan 22nd fees were 7.27% of the block reward with a hashprice of 192 sats/TH/s/day.

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Worthwhile Reading

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Miner operators in Texas curtail gigawatts of power capacities to help strengthen the local grid amid an extreme cold outbreak.
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“Bondo is a scattered cluster of villages in a remote region of Malawi near the border with Mozambique. Unlike in most places in this impoverished country, when night descends they can now switch on lights, stoves and televisions in their homes.”
Miner Weekly: Bitmain is a Hidden Self-Mining Giant - TheMinerMag
BitFuFu filings shed light on how Bitmain operates a substantial amount of hashrate through the portfolio company that it effectively owns.

Happy Wednesday!

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