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Rigly is here to help you maintain your financial privacy via mining.

Our privacy and freedom are under attack

This week, the EU parliament voted in favor of a law to ban anonymous transactions. According to the new legislation, commercial transactions using cash are limited to $3000, while transactions over $10,000 are completely prohibited. The law also applies to bitcoin transactions, disallowing anonymous transactions to custodial bitcoin wallets.

On Friday, bitcoin NOSTR responded to the news with a flood of memes and zapping. Thousands of zaps - anonymous Lightning tips for posts - overwhelmed servers and stood up for the right to send sats anonymously.

Why does the EU want to ban tipping over Lightning?

There is a risk that more legislative bodies - including the US - will enact laws that deny your right to private transactions. In this world of overreaching authority, you need bitcoin that is KYC-free and no one knows it belongs to you.

For more information about this legislation, please click here.

The path back to financial privacy is embedded in the bitcoin protocol. You can mine your way back to anonymity in 3 easy steps:

  1. buy hashrate
  2. send to your mining pool account
  3. earn new bitcoin

KYC and the legacy system is rigged to erode your privacy by linking your personal info with your bitcoin. Rigly fixes this. Now you can buy hashrate at auction for a fair market price.

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