Next Week's Daily Auctions

Bid now on our second week of our new Auction of the Day.

There's only 39 more days to the halving..

39 days of mining with 6.25 btc block reward..

Time is running out to mine new bitcoin and take back your privacy.

Once again, we're running daily auctions for 1 PH/s @ 24 hours everyday of the week.

Get excited because these auctions open at 20% below spot hashprice.

1,000TH/s Auction of the Day

24 hours of mining, each day next week

Place your bid

Last Weeks Auctions

Our last week auctions were a proud success. Auctions closed with a hashprice ranging from 168-171 sats/TH/s/day. Customers were able to lock-in hashrate delivery at a price roughly equivalent to market hashrate (165-176 sats/TH/s/day).


Bitcoin Reaches a New All Time High!

The Bitcoin-USD exchange rate has also reached a new ATH yesterday of 70k!


Start Mining for Just 500 sats

88 TH/s for 3 hrs

Start mining now for a super low price of just 500 sats

Start Mining Now

Are you still waiting to start your mining journey? Start mining now with our Test Drive for just 500 sats!

Instant Mining

Skip the auctions and buy hashrate at the spot market price.

88 TH/s up to 14 days

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Happy Saturday!

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