Rigly - 2 ways to keep mining bitcoin

Once your test drive is done, here's how to buy more hashrate


How was your test drive?

Do you feel hungry for more hashrate?

There's 2 ways to get more hashrate to continue mining:

1 - Buy instant hashrate

You can buy up to 14 days of mining at the spot hashprice.

What is hashprice?

It's the average mining earnings including transaction fees. Learn more

88 TH/s instant hashrate

Buy up to 14 days of mining on the spot market

232 sats per TH/s per day

Buy instant hashrate

2 - Buy hashrate at auction

If you want to mine at a profit, potentially below future hashprice – then buy hashrate in our mining auctions.

Hashprice changes with bitcoin's network difficulty in each mining epoch – every few weeks / every 2,016 blocks – and since no one knows the future you have the potential to place your bid and mine at a profit.

Do your own research, place your bid and you could earn even more sats.

190 TH/s for Epoch 402

Bid on this sweet USA hashrate. Your mining term starts in early October

View today's auction

More auctions for difficulty epoch 403, 404 and beyond are open for bidding until 7:30p tonight US/Eastern time.

Happy Saturday!

- Team Rigly

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